Trip Reports from 2021

Camp Cove

A photo from Camp Cove

Michelle decided to celebrate the arrival of a sunny summer with a shore dive Camp Cove. The trip plan did remind people parking was a nightmare anywhere near this penultimate harbours side beach on South Head, so to get there early. What it left out is that Ross & Michelle were aiming for a pre-dive breakfast and so got one of the last spots at 7am! I arrived 45 minutes later, and had 10 min wait for a spot to come up, so not too bad considering it was a gorgeous day. The others appeared to be missing in action, or maybe just stuck in traffic so we went in and followed McFadyen’s guide. The abridged version is: head from the carpark down to the beach and straight into the water, surface swim to the big post, and if organised take a bearing on the harbour bridge/city. Descend (~4m), head east, and after ~10m you will hit a low rocky reef (depth 5-6m). Swim, keeping the reef on the right, if you are good on air you...

Jervis Bay

A photo from Jervis Bay

The joy of the new normal, is working from home doesn't define who’s home, so Paul, Gary and I all found ourselves working from his recently renovated and very charming Currarong holiday home. The weather on the drive down looked charming, but you could see the wind was beginning to pick up.

By lunchtime the fateful news that there were no dive sites likely to be accessible by boat (even though it is a rib, the 40 knot winds and 6m seas were too much) on Saturday and would we like a guided shore dive on the far (south) side of bay? We all agreed that was probably not the best value and maybe it would be a good day for a hike instead.

Sandy, Duncan and Sam all arrived early Friday evening, by which time the wind had picked up and rain had set in, not that that worried us as we enjoyed curry and pizzas around the fire.

Saturday morning was blustery but dry, so we set off on a hike around Beecroft Head. First stop, Whale Point, site of the [TSS Merimbula](https://www.micha...

The Road to Freedom

A photo from The Road to Freedom

Some might say all roads lead to Rome, but for SSAC they more often lead to the Lord Nelson. In a repeat of June 2020, the ending of the (106-day!) lockdown meant, for the doubly vaccinated at least, a return of the time honours tradition of a few beers down the Nelson. Aside from signing in, it was just like a normal night at the pub but (a) you know you get a table and (b) it's not a too noisy, so a win-win.

Getting to the pub meant we were finally able to welcome new member Steve, who had been all set to come down the pub 4 months ago. Steve recently learnt to dive on the mid-North coast and he has all his own gear, bar tanks and lead. The members were quickly able to help him outsourcing them. Steve is keen to build up his experience with any local shore diving or boat diving and ultimately wants to get into wreck diving.

The lifting of the restrictions also meant that we bid farewell to Ross and Michelle as they can finally resume their nomadic aspirations and hit ...

Long Reef Cathedral Rock

A photo from Long Reef Cathedral Rock

Long Reef 16 October 2021

Double boat dive

First diving after lock down. The anticipation high. The westerly was forecast to come in strong which it did later, but did not cause too much of an issue diving. The boat ride out was 50 mins and relatively flat. There were two other divers with Sam, Mark and I from SSAC on the boat which normally takes up to 10 divers. Plenty of space to kit up and get in.

It's a scenic site with swim through and many fish, no larger critters though. Water was a chilly 16 degrees with the soup welcome after dive one.

2nd dive was to find sharks in Shark Alley. Borders are obviously no issue for them as they were away somewhere else. Vis was between 5-10m maybe a little more at times. It was dark at times also due to the numbers of schooling fish.

The boat ride back to Bay View was bumpy but once back in Pittwater eased.

Overall it was good to be back in the water.

Cann Park Shore Dive

A photo from Cann Park Shore Dive

Well, I say Cann Park, but you'll probably think of it as Bare Island Beach or Congwong beach as it is called. Cann Park is the snake pit and grass area where you park, kit up and then do the short walk down to the beach.

Paul had certainly booked the weather, clear blue sky, and barely a ripple on the water. The perfect spot to get the dust off the dive gear or in Paul's case, have a try-dive on Ross' side mount set up. I was expecting some quality entertainment, but alas with Ross' expert guidance while kitting up he took to it like the proverbial duck to water.

Even though we both had only had partial fills we still got a 50 min dive (water temp 18'C , vis ~5-10m, max depth 9m!) and explored much of the rocky reef leading from the beach to Bare Island. There wasn't much in the way of big sea life, but plenty of sponges, nudibranch and of course kelp. On the way back we came across an octopus that had decided that broken bits of beer bottle were the perfect armour whe...

HMAS Adelaide aka Clifton Gardens Reserve (Halloween)

A photo from HMAS Adelaide aka Clifton Gardens Reserve (Halloween)


Jonathan Pearson* Sam Warwick Ben Crossett Mark Bonnar MIA: Paul Furnis (reckoned it was too cold….) +1 random -1 Stanley (finless)

After agonising over the weather forecast for several days, DSS finally decided on Saturday afternoon that the boat dive to the Adelaide was binned due to the 2-3m swell. After briefly considering a dash to Mount Gambier as a suitable inland Plan B, Jon convinced us that Clifton Gardens was a better option and he was going to lead us all to The Wreck located just off the jetty…..

Somewhere between parking (being robbed of $15 for the pleasure) and entering the water we collected a random dive buddy and lost another due to lack of fins (long story). 5 intrepid divers entered the water around 8am well behind the PADI & GUI convention who had apparently been there at sunrise as is required under Hogarthian principles. Us BSAC divers start the day with Bacon Sandwiches And Coffee before diving (and you thought BSAC stood for Bett...

Shelly Beach

A photo from Shelly Beach

The car park was oddly quiet at Shelly. Was everyone on holiday? Or maybe they were stuck in the queue waiting for a COVID test or possible it was the fact it was 7:30am and raining.

Not to be put off by a passing shower, Paul, Al & Ben started kitting up. While Paul's dodgy o-ring was quickly fixed, Ben's blow (wrist) seal was more of a drama. Amazingly, Al did have spares with him but after a quick tutorial on You Tube, it was clear we were missing the right widget to get the old seal out so it was an early bath for Ben.

Paul said it was a great dive. Buzzed by Al (on his scooter) a few times and plenty of critters. The water was a barmy 22 degrees!