Trip Reports from 2021

Camp Cove

A photo from Camp Cove

Michelle decided to celebrate the arrival of a sunny summer with a shore dive Camp Cove. The trip plan did remind people parking was a nightmare anywhere near this penultimate harbours side beach on South Head, so to get there early. What it left out is that Ross & Michelle were aiming for a pre-dive breakfast and so got one of the last spots at 7am! I arrived 45 minutes later, and had 10 min wait for a spot to come up, so not too bad considering it was a gorgeous day. The others appeared to be missing in action, or maybe just stuck in traffic so we went in and followed McFadyen’s guide. The abridged version is: head from the carpark down to the beach and straight into the water, surface swim to the big post, and if organised take a bearing on the harbour bridge/city. Descend (~4m), head east, and after ~10m you will hit a low rocky reef (depth 5-6m). Swim, keeping the reef on the right, if you are good on air you...

Jervis Bay

A photo from Jervis Bay

The joy of the new normal, is working from home doesn't define who’s home, so Paul, Gary and I all found ourselves working from his recently renovated and very charming Currarong holiday home. The weather on the drive down looked charming, but you could see the wind was beginning to pick up.

By lunchtime the fateful news that there were no dive sites likely to be accessible by boat (even though it is a rib, the 40 knot winds and 6m seas were too much) on Saturday and would we like a guided shore dive on the far (south) side of bay? We all agreed that was probably not the best value and maybe it would be a good day for a hike instead.

Sandy, Duncan and Sam all arrived early Friday evening, by which time the wind had picked up and rain had set in, not that that worried us as we enjoyed curry and pizzas around the fire.

Saturday morning was blustery but dry, so we set off on a hike around Beecroft Head. First stop, Whale Point, site of the [TSS Merimbula](https://www.micha...