Trip Reports from 2016

ex HMAS Adelaide

A photo from ex HMAS Adelaide

The day started with a civilised (well, apart from trying to get a park) 10:30am meet up for an 11am departure. It was an 'anything goes' dive on the Adelaide off Bob's boat ($80 inc the dive permit) and we had everything: single cylinder, twin's n' staged deco and - rebreathers. The beautiful conditions made for an easy (very short) boat ride out to the wreck. Since the last club dive, one side of the hanger has come away and now lies on the sand. The marine life is really coming along - I'll have to take my camera next time! The run time was set to an hour max - never long enough!

After the dive it was off to The Cove cafe (next to the dive shop) for a slap-up lunch and birthday cake (thanks Fe!), to celebrate Anne's mother's birthday.

Shelly Beach

A photo from Shelly Beach

Michelle and I got there early, bagged a kitting up table and set up base camp. This was a cunning move as by 1100 the place was rammed.. I think almost every diving cylinder in Sydney was delivered to Shelly at one point.

Michelle set to cooking up the brekkie of the day (before I get accused of being Sid the Sexist... she volunteered), but this was sadly bacon -ve (fixed the following day at Terrigal .. :-) ), then we await the arrival of the other divers. Poor Stu Marston piked becuase of over-work and Pete bailed owing to a diary malfunction. We had a spare cylinder so the fact that Paul only had 50 bar in his was ok, and Owen stopped off at SXD for a fill so we had 2 waves and surface cover, O2 set and first aid... yes, our first BSAC standard dive in ages... It felt great

Owen and Paul went in first and reported average vis but sharks, heaps of fish (yes I know I am a marine biologist, but hey, I work on invertebrates) and had a generally mellow time. Michelle and I ha...

Terrigal Tech Dive

A photo from Terrigal Tech Dive

The usual 4:45am alarm clock wasn't quite so bad this morning due to the clocks going back an hour. Everyone made it on time for the 7am boat departure at The Haven car park for the second club dive of the weekend. Unfortunately, a stiff southerly put paid to the idea of getting out on the Kiama, so the gear was loaded up on Bob's boat and off to the Adelaide it was. The price was the usual $80 (which includes the permit).

After a lumpy ride out it (all of 10 min), was nice to get in the water (23'C at the surface, 18'C a depth). The vis wasn't get (5-10m ish), but there was only a slight swell, most noticeable at the bow. A swam of open circuit divers buzzed through towards the end of dive and before you knew it the 90 min run time was almost up. The morning nearly ended in disaster with both the Haven Beach Cafe and the Cove Cafe being fully booked, so we had t...

Jervis Bay

A photo from Jervis Bay

We met up at Gary's place in Currarong on Friday night and enjoyed a glass or two of wine with some cheese before turning in for the night at a reasonable hour as it was a 7:30 am departure the next day.

Saturday started wet, very wet. Luckily, by the time we'd finished breakfast it was down to light drizzle. It is a 30 min drive to Dive Jervis Bay. We were booked in for 9am on Genesis, the faster, smaller boat, which we shared with three experienced locals. The sea was flat as a mill pond by the jetty so we set off with high hopes of getting out of the bay, possibly up to Drum and Drum Sticks. Alas, as we nosed round Point Perpendicular we ere greeted with a substantial swell (or walls-of-death as Michelle said, while rapidly turning green). Beating a hasty retreat we ducked back inside the bay and got a lovely first dive in at the point. After cheese, bread, cracke...

Christmas In July

A photo from Christmas In July

There is nothing like a hearty roast dinner to lift the sprits on a cold winters day. Combine that with a weekend away and some Christmas fare and you are all set for a magical Christmas-in-July weekend. This year the club returned to Euroka Homestead in Megalong Valley.

A few people were lucky and could clock off early and arrive while it was still light. Other waited for the rush hour traffic to abate and fight it out with the increasingly wild and wet weather. Once they arrived they could grab a spot near the roaring fire and tuck in to a freshly baked mince pie.

Come Saturday the rain had past and with breakfast prepared by Ben and Tomoko (bacon & egg bap or continental treats) out of the way it was off on the traditional walk to [Cox’s River Suspension Bridge](,150.1843053,15.23z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x6b1289981bbfa0a1:0x28a8fc799b909d53!2sEuroka+Campgro...