Trip Reports from 2007

Fantastic Forster

A photo from Fantastic Forster

The weather looked ok for the weekend so the trip was all ok to go. The Sevan apartments were excellent. Most of us squatted on the second floor whilst the Penthousers had ocean views, although level snobbery was put aside for the diving and Saturdays bbq.

The diving experience was a mixed bag. The dive sites provided the expected sharks, eels, rays and much more wonderful wild life. The Dive staff from the shop was what can be described as critical of the set up and dive styles of the group. The remarks about drysuits started on the jetty before the trip to Seal Rocks for the first dive. It was down to a temperature that caused another dive group to comment that drysuits would be nice! Also the staff had vocally negative views on rebreathers. It appears that any style differing from the usual is considered unnecessary.

The first dive required a swim out to the boat. They were on a tight schedule to get back to pick up another group to take out. We were a little late getting...

Papua New Guinea

A photo from Papua New Guinea

Saturday began with one of those bleary eyed pre-dawn taxi rides to the airport. Once checked in, and surviving the heart attack inducing questions of 'You do have a visa for Papua New Guanine?' (answer no!) And 'Your bag is 10 kg over weigh that gonna cost you.' (luckily Air Nuigini includes SCUBA kit as sports equipment), Rick and I set off in search of a hearty breakfast. Simon rocked up as I am half way though my beacon and eggs, so we are only missing Sloanie, Etsuko and Steve Pearson (the organiser). Time ticks by, still no sign of them so we make our way to the gate, still no sign of them. As we board the plane everything is looking a bit sticky, then finally a rather flushed trio race on to the plane just before departure time - having had a taxi ride from hell. The flight stopped off at Brisbane, which enabled us to stock up on Duty Free and meet up with Greg who had flown in from New Zealand.

We arrived safe and sound in Port Morsby, the queue up to buy the visa (the queu...

Jervis Bay

A photo from Jervis Bay

Great set of dives, great company what more can you ask for a dive weekend away. Sharks, Dolphins, a marlin and even a snake eel. Great to find a really rebreather friendly boat. We'll definitely be back although next time I'll avoid Friday the 13th!

Between my late arrival and Nic's early departure it made for an interesting Friday 13th! Thank you for being so accommodating picking me up late. Great boat, crew, food, company and oh yes..the diving, that was pretty good too!

Excellent diving made oh so easy by super efficient and friendly crew (as long as you're ok listening to Queen!). Really good, as always with this bunch of poms, company. Highlight for me has to be the free swimming Marlin. Downside, too much moorish food (and drink?). Must learn the art of moderation.

After a shaky start to the weekend, it all turned out good. Plenty of fish underwater and a excellent food and fun above water - the ugly-mug photo competition was excellent fun!

'A floating dive resort', that...

Nelson Bay

A photo from Nelson Bay

Well some may have had their doubts as we set off from Sydney and the clouds started to form.

Friday morning and though overcast the weather was fine and a dive at low tide was planned. As we kitted up the clouds cleared and the sun came out - perfect. A fun dive was had by all, except Roy who's dry suit flooded.

Friday at dusk we jumped in for our second shore dive, the water was calm and the fish were going to bed, as we surfaced dolphins danced around the divers.

In the evening we had a well earned pizza in front of the massive plasma TV watching the rugby world cup.

Saturday we headed out to the wreck SS Bombo taken out by Pro Dive. A large swell but that did not deter us from getting down to that piece of metal at the bottom. 27m down and still a swell but what a great dive, worth waiting for, lots of fish life, shoals of cat fish, sleeping wobbegongs and hiding moray eels. Up on the surface the swell took its toll on the Chunder Wonder Boy...

In shelter of Cabbage Island ...

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