Trip Reports from 2006

Truk Lagoon

A photo from Truk Lagoon

Twelve of us made the trip. What follows is a brief synopsis of the twelve and their experiences in no particular order.

Steve Etsuko - Steve organised the Thorfinn, the liveaboard in Chuuk that hosted us. Pulled the group together including two individuals not of our club but from the far reaches of the world. One of those individuals, Hoho has known Steve for ever in particular when Steve was a younger fitter person hence the nickname Hoho coined for Steve. Etsuko sleeping champ of our club was no match for Hoho. Both Steve and Etsuko had been on Thorfinn several times previously.

Myself (Robert) - I organised the flights to Chuuk and accommodations in both Guam and Cairns. Given the prefix of Mac due to my frugal ways and always managing to get the best value for money deals. Did however manage to have the largest bill at the end of the trip; what went wrong? Completed 28 dives. Two of which were 62m, two others over 50m. Favourite dives were the Nippo Maru 45m, San Francisco M...

SS President Coolidge - Vanuatu

A photo from SS President Coolidge - Vanuatu

First shocker of the hols, how much luggage can one girl need - Matina!

The flight from Sydney to Port Vila was like a party bus, Rob tried his luck ordering a beer and a bourbon and coke (well it was free) and was graciously served a very huge glass of bourbon, so it was game on for the rest of the party. Things were in full swing by the time we reached the destination, no one wanted to get off the plane! Air Vanuatu - highly recommended.

As soon as we reached the hotel in Port Vila most of the party dumped bags, donned swimmers and jumped in the pool. The bar staff were again most willing and able with the drinks served in the pool - no health and safety issues here. We went out for a civilised meal, and nearly all made it back to the hotel at a reasonable hour, apart from Nick and Ben who ended up playing pool with the Chief of Police into the small hours. I think they let him win though, as you would in those circumstances. The rest of us saw an amazing halo around the m...