The Road to Freedom

A photo from The Road to Freedom
The Lord

Some might say all roads lead to Rome, but for SSAC they more often lead to the Lord Nelson. In a repeat of June 2020, the ending of the (106-day!) lockdown meant, for the doubly vaccinated at least, a return of the time honours tradition of a few beers down the Nelson. Aside from signing in, it was just like a normal night at the pub but (a) you know you get a table and (b) it's not a too noisy, so a win-win.

Getting to the pub meant we were finally able to welcome new member Steve, who had been all set to come down the pub 4 months ago. Steve recently learnt to dive on the mid-North coast and he has all his own gear, bar tanks and lead. The members were quickly able to help him outsourcing them. Steve is keen to build up his experience with any local shore diving or boat diving and ultimately wants to get into wreck diving.

The lifting of the restrictions also meant that we bid farewell to Ross and Michelle as they can finally resume their nomadic aspirations and hit the road to explore NSW, then Victoria and as the borders open the rest of Australia.