Shelly Beach

A photo from Shelly Beach
Shelly Beach viewed from Fairy Bower
A photo from Shelly Beach
Entry stairs at Fairy Bower. looking North.
A photo from Shelly Beach
Blown seal...and plus spares with the right tools for the job.

The car park was oddly quiet at Shelly. Was everyone on holiday? Or maybe they were stuck in the queue waiting for a COVID test or possible it was the fact it was 7:30am and raining.

Not to be put off by a passing shower, Paul, Al & Ben started kitting up. While Paul's dodgy o-ring was quickly fixed, Ben's blow (wrist) seal was more of a drama. Amazingly, Al did have spares with him but after a quick tutorial on You Tube, it was clear we were missing the right widget to get the old seal out so it was an early bath for Ben.

Paul said it was a great dive. Buzzed by Al (on his scooter) a few times and plenty of critters. The water was a barmy 22 degrees!