Outside Baz's

10.30 on the nail, Phil and John turned up at Baz's for a warm up dive with Jonathan and me. We kitted them up with beg, stolen and borrowed kit, they looked well!

We were nearly ready when Al and Anne arrived, Anne was going clothes shopping and Al was going to get wet, I know which I would rather do.

Phil and John were unknown and could have been all over the place but that was not the case it was Jonathan instead (only joking). A couple of extra pounds of lead and off we went for the first dive, we had a good dive and arrived back quite near Bazs.

Several cups of tea later we were ready for round two, more of the same but this time Jonathan was to navigate and again another good dive was had by all. There was a mistake at the end as Jonathan for the first time ever actually navigated to where he should have. Yes Jonathans navigation worked even with a northern hemisphere compass.

More tea and a laugh and it was all over too soon.

We saw; Octopus, John Dory, Cuttlefish, Rays and Angelfish amongst many other kinds of fish. We also saw the pelicans and a penguin.

We all had a great days diving.