Little Bay (near Bare Island)

A photo from Little Bay (near Bare Island)
1 Little Bay 11th Jan 2014
A photo from Little Bay (near Bare Island)
2 Little Bay 11th Jan 2014
A photo from Little Bay (near Bare Island)
3 Little Bay 11th Jan 2014

A lovely Saturday morning weather wise and off to Bare Island for a splash. Everyone arrived in good time with a small amount of faffing prior to the mention of something different. How about Little Bay as a dive site today as the swell appears ok? There are a few steps was the next comment! Right lets do it we agreed, and the plan was to follow the driver that then lost his way! No names mentioned is intentional. Anyway after eventually arriving in the car park Ben and I reviewed the steps to the beach, which made me sweat just thinking about the hike down and up.

The site is pretty with reef and some life with a max depth of about 13-14m and viz about 6-9m. The dive is mainly along the right hand side of the bay going around to the south. The kelp can get very disorientating as it flows back and forward, but there are holes under rocks to explore so I will take a torch next time.

There are showers on the way up the steps for a quick rinse of the gear and overall the dive is not too bad. It's a nice locations for non divers to enjoy the beach whilst the divers are in the water which was over 45mins for us.

My gear still works which is a plus and despite the access to the beach it is a dive I would do again.