Cann Park Shore Dive

A photo from Cann Park Shore Dive
View from Congwong Beach

Well, I say Cann Park, but you'll probably think of it as Bare Island Beach or Congwong beach as it is called. Cann Park is the snake pit and grass area where you park, kit up and then do the short walk down to the beach.

Paul had certainly booked the weather, clear blue sky, and barely a ripple on the water. The perfect spot to get the dust off the dive gear or in Paul's case, have a try-dive on Ross' side mount set up. I was expecting some quality entertainment, but alas with Ross' expert guidance while kitting up he took to it like the proverbial duck to water.

Even though we both had only had partial fills we still got a 50 min dive (water temp 18'C , vis ~5-10m, max depth 9m!) and explored much of the rocky reef leading from the beach to Bare Island. There wasn't much in the way of big sea life, but plenty of sponges, nudibranch and of course kelp. On the way back we came across an octopus that had decided that broken bits of beer bottle were the perfect armour when hiding in a hole...if only I'd taken my camera!

Ross, Michelle, Conner and his friend had an enjoyable snorkel and thank you Lynn for doing an excellent job on shore cover.