Bare Island Circumnavigation.

A photo from Bare Island Circumnavigation.
A photo from Bare Island Circumnavigation.
All the gear, no idea.
A photo from Bare Island Circumnavigation.
Post dive debrief

As we drove down to Bare Island the piddling rain gave way to patchy sunshine and the wind dropped. Al, Fe and Andy were up for the dive, well, we were up anyway.

We parked at the top of a short path down to Congwong beach & faffed around getting all the usual kit together for a nice easy shore dive, The usual BSAC, three scooters, a rebreather, a side mount rig, drysuits and the kitchen sink.

We recovered Andy form the loos nearby, (He’d found a friend to chat to) and entered the cool, clear, calm water of Congwong, motored off to Bare Island bridge past the kelp and went for a spin round the island, only getting lost four or five times.

Saw a big fat groper, a bunch of recreational divers with a confused look, and beat a hasty retreat after nearly an hour. Andy’s drysuit was full of water, and he needed a pee.

After the usual post dive extra faff we went to Driftwood cafe round the corner for a “fatwood” burger and coffee.

Overall highly recommended, Congwong is super pretty, safe and shallow, and well protected from the seas.