Bare Island

A photo from Bare Island
Even the seagulls were wondering why they were up.
A photo from Bare Island
Ross with the tool kit out for some pre-dive adjustments
A photo from Bare Island
Should have brought the surfboard...
A photo from Bare Island
Getting the coffee brew on.

A few hardy souls met at 0800 near the walkway to Bare Island. More than redolent of a UK dive - whitecaps in the bay, the mizzle* making everything damp and much muttering of 'we got up for this?'. At this point, one of our intrepid explorers mentionned he had forgotten his fins. Given the distance this person had driven to join us, we gave him the benefit of the doubt - this was not a polite way of stating a perefernce for a warm dry car (by the way, did I say it was not warm... Michelle even broke out the beanie [editorial comment - wusses, it was over 20 degrees!).

Ben , Ross and Michelle embarked as a team of three, and as a first for that particualr combo - dived as a 3, staying in good visual distance and actually surfacing at the correct spot.

The dive was great, viz about 5-10mwith lots of life. Ross rediscovered nudibranch spotting (ever the malacologist) and Ben found us a cute little octopus in the sand to round out the mollusc-fest.

AFter a lovely dive, we had a CoVID-safe BYO breakie - Ben was very inner-west with his home-made muffin whereas Ross and MIchelle related to their pensioner aspirations with a thernos of porridge and a good coffee (ok, slightly posh pensioners), although they did bemoan the lack of a tartan flask.

*mizzle - good Devon term for a perpetual weather state in Plymouth