2013 SSAC Awards

After the excitement of the AGM had died down and a fresh round of beer procured it was time for the 2013 SSAC Awards:

Trip Tart

To the person who went on the most club dive trips during 2013.

*Bronze: A dead heat between Rick, Ross & Michelle

*Silver: Duncan ‘oh, go on then’ Mountrie

*Gold: Ben ‘I’ve just got a rebreather and will dive a muddy puddle’ Crossett

MAM (Most Active Member) Award

To the person who organised the most club ‘trips’ (i.e. sent an e-mail to the club list about a planned dive/social outing excluding the who’s going to the pub on a Wednesday night e-mails) in 2013.

*Bronze: Gary ‘I waz only ‘ere ½ the year & still came 3rd’ Meakin

*Silver: Ben ‘I want the website to look busy’ Crossett

*Gold: Jonathan ‘a day without seeing Baz’s beach is a day wasted’ Pearson

Best photo/video

To the person who took the best photo or video and posted it on the club website for a 2013 trip.

*Best Photo: Ross Coleman - for Gary & Ben on the stern post of the Myola

*Best Video: Sam Warwick – for the Bombo/Seals video.

The Golden Fin

For the most comedic behaviour on, in or near water in 2013.

*Bronze: Ben C. for getting lost at Bare Island, more than once.

*Silver: Stuart M. for throwing the last of the whisky (and of any other form of alcohol) on the fire at Kangaroo Valley.

*Gold: Mike W. for spending more time repairing his YBD than the rest of the club put together spend diving, and still never getting in (let alone under ) water.