Road trip to Ships Graveyard then Gambier

After a fun, entertaining (although very challenging at times) cave diving course in Gambier, Michelle and I were considering an SSAC road trip to Victoria and S Australia next Easter (since the public holiday gods have delivered ANZAC day and Easter Monday on the same week). The plan would be to drive to Torquay/Queenscliffe etc and dive the Victorian version of Long Reef (35-80m depth)*, then bimble along the Great Ocean Road and the Vic/SA coast to Portland, before spending a few days in Gambier, diving the caves, caverns and sinkholes. Accommodation would be a mixture of B&B, cabins or for Gambier- Just a Bed Lodge, depending on tastes and budget. We can def. get to do Kilsby’s and the Shaft may be a possibility (this is one of the world’s top dive sites) if we can persuade Terri.

  • This is shore-based so the non-divers could do stuff whilst the divers are in the water then we could meet up afters for dinner etc
  • The road-trip days would be suitable for non-divers (no surprise there then!) and we can vary days and times to suit tastes
  • There’s quite a lot of stuff (walking, wine tasting, 4WD, dry caves etc) for non-divers to do in/around Gambier
  • For those that are not yet cave/cavern qualified, this would be an ideal opportunity. Terri says that she may be available to train that week if needed, and she can do the theory/pool stuff for Cavern here in Sydney, prior to the trip.
  • Because its shore based and on the road, people can join for different lengths of time.

Costs: Fuel and fills. Our recent 10 day trip to Gambier cost $600 in fuel and tolls. Darren at JABL in Gambier charges 8.50 a fill but you do get 240-250 bar ever y time.

If this interests you, please reply. Any questions about cave training, ask me, Al, Fe, Michelle or Rick. Lots more people have done cavern so we know it works. I can thoroughly recommend cavern training for anyone wanting to improve their in-water skills, even if you have no interest in caves.

*We will have plan B's for these dives as the weather often craps on dives here

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