Deep Cavern Diver Course, Part I

BSAC does not train members for cave diving and it advises that divers should not enter caverns/caves unless they have received appropriate training from a specialist body such at the Cave Divers Association of Australia (CDAA). The Deep Cavern Course, run by the CDAA, is their entry level course and is an amalgamation of skills and knowledge necessary to safely dive in Cavern and Sinkhole rated sites to a maximum training depth of 40m.

CDAA Instructors Terri and Geoff are coming up to Sydney for part I of the course runs over 2 days. Saturday covers the theory and is round at Al’s house, while day 2 is in the pool at Frog Dive.

There will be a social trip to one of the Balmain pubs Saturday evening to which everyone is invited. Contact Al for more details

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