Camp Cove shore dive

Hello Everyone, Given some of the Christmas / New Year get togethers were dampened by the weather and Covid, organising a shore dive at Camp Cove to celebrate summer.
Parking will be a nightmare, so suggest arriving no later than 8am if you plan to dive (best to park in the National Park parking on Cliff Street if diving). Base camp will be established in Green Point Reserve for post dive breakfast, brunch, lunch etc. Pack swimmers, snorkeling gear if diving isn't your thing. Equally, there are some nice walks nearby to South Head etc. Public transport options (ferry and bus) are good options if you plan to arrive later. It'll be a warm day so remember the sunscreen and a hat! If you're sick, please stay at home :) Hope to see you there, Kind regards, Michelle

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8 am Camp Cove for diving

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Ocean Divers